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Our team of Invokana lawsuit attorneys have represented thousands of victims of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and recovered millions of dollars in compensation on their behalf.

We provide free evaluation of a Type II diabetes patient’s medical history for filing Invokana lawsuits in court.

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● Amputation

● Ketoacidosis

● Kidney Failure

● All Bodily Injury

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Our Invokana lawyers represent diabetes patients who took the prescription drug Invokana and suffered serious negative side effects.

Invokana is manufactured by a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary company called Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Invokana lawsuits made on behalf of our clients demand maximum financial compensation from these companies for all bodily injury sustained.

Invokana Compensation Claims For:

● Medical Bills

● Pain & Suffering

● Mental Anguish

● Loss of Enjoyment of Life

● Lost Wages

● Personal Expenses

● Family Support

● and more

If you or a loved one have experienced serious health problems after taking Invokana, contact our defective drugs law firm for a free case evaluation.

Invokana Lawyers for Medical Complications

The powerful diabetes medication Invokana (canagliflozin) has been linked to kidney disease and ketoacidosis.  In addition, many patients on Invokana have required medical amputation of an arm, leg or foot due to complications with the drug.

Johnson & Johnson’s Invokana is marketed across the United States as a Type II diabetes drug to control blood sugar levels.  However, an abnormally large number of patients taking the prescription medication have sustained serious bodily injury as a result of negative side effects.

Invokana Health Ailments:

● Amputation of Arm, Leg or Foot

● Ketoacidosis

● Kidney Failure

● Heart Attack

● Stroke

● Death

Invokana lawsuits allege deficiencies in the way Invokana interacts with the human body are the cause of these injuries.

When a diabetic person’s insulin and blood sucrose levels are not properly regulated, the body’s natural functions can become significantly impaired.

For Type II diabetes patients suffering negative consequences of Invokana, the financial costs can be overwhelming.  By acting within the Statute of Limitations period, Invokana victims can file a personal injury lawsuit or join a class action to make a claim for monetary compensation.

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Invokana Lawsuits for Amputation of Arm, Leg, Foot or Toe

Amputations have been reported by a disproportionately high number of Type II diabetes patients taking Invokana.  The drug has been linked to urinary tract and blood infections that travel through the bloodstream.

Invokana amputation lawsuits allege manufacturer Johnson & Johnson failed to warn patients of the increased risk of serious infection.  If J&J had cautioned patients to monitor their bodies for slight signs of infection, the ultimate amputation of an arm, leg, foot or toe could have been prevented.

In addition, Invokana legal complaints fault Johnson & Johnson for failing to warn doctors and nurses to be extra diligent in treating even the mildest infection.

If you or a loved one have suffered amputation of a limb or extremity after taking Invokana, the financial costs can be severe.

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Invokana Ketoacidosis Lawsuit Attorneys

Ketoacidosis results from diminished insulin levels, causing excessive acid to form and accumulate in the blood.  Left untreated, this condition can develop into a diabetic coma.  Invokana ketoacidosis lawsuits allege the drug’s unexpected side effects spurred the onset of this ailment.

Our expert ketoacidosis lawyers review medical records documenting the production of ketones in the human body.  We use this data to track the onset of a diabetic coma and link it to continuous use of Invokana over time.

Invokana Ketoacidos Lawsuits demand the drug manufacturer Johnson & Johnson pay financial compensation to the patient for medical bills, personal expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, pain and suffering.

However, Invokana lawsuits do not include claims against the doctors or healthcare providers involved.  

Take the first step to file an Invokana lawsuit. Contact our bodily injury attorneys today for a free case review.

Invokana Lawsuit for Kidney Failure

Kidney failure causes the body to stop filtering blood.  Many Type II diabetes patients taking Invokana suffered kidney failure and other serious kidney infections. In addition, kidney failure can trigger serious heart conditions.

Invokana cardiac health problems:

● Heart Attack

● Heartbeat Arrhythmia

● Stroke

● Death

Invokana kidney failure lawsuits allege the drug caused urinary tract infectections (UTI) in Johnson & Johnson’s patients.  Further, the infections spread through the blood to the kidney.  Claims are made to hold J&J and Janssen financially liable for the injury they caused.

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No Legal Fee Unless You Win

When a client qualifies for filing of an Invokana lawsuit with our law firm, all of our work is performed on a contingency fee basis.

This means we never charge a legal fee unless there is a financial recovery for the client.  In addition, we offer to advance all costs and expenses of the case, so there are no out of pocket charges to the client.

Let our Invokana lawyers put our expertise and compassion to work for you.

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Invokana Lawyers Identify Drug Companies

Invokana lawsuits are filed against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, as well as their affiliate Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp.

Johnson & Johnson is a New Jersey corporation.  Their Invokana research & development is headquartered at:

One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is a Pennsylvania corporation.  Their Invokana research & development is headquartered at:

1125 Trenton Harbourton Road
Titusville, NJ 08560

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp. is a Japanese corporation.  Their Invokana research & development is headquartered at:

Osaka 541-8505

These companies design, develop, manufacture, advertise, market, sell and/or distribute Invokana as prescribed treatment for Type II diabetes.

Invokana Lawsuits for Failure to Warn Patients

Invokana lawsuits accuse the drug companies of failing to caution doctors and patients about serious risks associated with the medication.

The warning label failures include inadequate instructions for use of the product.

Further, Invokana class action plaintiffs allege the drug manufacturers intentionally provided doctors and nurses with incorrect information about Invokana’s side effects.

Their legal argument is that Invokana’s manufacturers knew or should have known about the risks associated with the drug, and should have done more to warn patients and healthcare workers.


FDA Approval of Invokana for Type II Diabetes

Invokana (canagliflozin) is a member of the sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (“SGLT2”) inhibitors class of pharmaceuticals, also known as the gliflozin class.

The drug was approved for public use by the Food and Drug Administration in March, 2013.

Our Invokana lawyers are investigating whether the drug manufacturers rushed their product to the market without adequate research into the long term effects of the medication.

The drug is intended to regulate blood sugar levels by inhibiting renal glucose reabsorption within the body.  The excess sugars are filtered out through the kidneys as waste.

This controlled process subjects patients to an increased risk of diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, and death.

If you have taken Invokana and suffered from infection, diabetic coma or other bodily injury, contact our Invokana lawyers for a free legal review.


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Invokana Kidney Failure Lawyer Argues Causes of Action

● Defective Design of Invokana

● Failure to Warn of Invokana Risks

● Negligence & Recklessness

● Breach of Invokana Warranty

● Fraud

● Misrepresentation of Invokana Health Risks

● Concealment of Invokana Health Risks

● Consumer Protection Violations

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