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Arizona Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

A flurry of Arizona hernia mesh lawsuits allege a variety of surgical mesh implants were  manufactured or designed in a defective way. 

The alleged defects subjected patients to pain and discomfort, as well as significant bodily injury requiring corrective surgery.

If you received a hernia mesh implant and experienced medical complications, contact our team of Arizona hernia mesh lawyers for a free claim evaluation.

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Because of the high failure rate of certain hernia mesh products, manufacturers have recalled unused surgical mesh from medical supply companies and hospitals.  In addition, Arizona hernia mesh lawsuits have been successful in arranging for mesh manufacturers to pay for a patient’s hernia mesh replacement surgery and related expenses.

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Our Arizona hernia mesh lawyers provide a free case evaluation for all individuals suffering negative effects from a hernia repair surgery.

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Arizona Hernia Mesh Lawyers for Bodily Injury Claims

The Arizona hernia mesh lawsuits filed by our firm demand maximum financial compensation for medical bills, pain & suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, personal expenses and more.

We obtain your medical records to identify the manufacturer of the hernia mesh product used in your surgery.

Claims are filed against the manufacturing companies only, and do not allege any wrongdoing by the doctor or hospital involved.

Our Arizona hernia mesh lawyers only charge a legal fee in the event of a financial recovery for the client.  There are no up front fees or expenses charged to the client.

Common Hernia Mesh Types

● Atrium C-Qur

● Ethicon Physiomesh

● Bard Davol Mesh

● Kugel Mesh Patch

● Covidien Parietex

● Covidien / Tyco Surgipro

You do not need to know the manufacturer of your hernia mesh.

Most of our Arizona hernia mesh lawsuit clients do not know what company produced their surgical mesh.  This information is rarely discussed between the doctor and patient.  In fact, the doctor often does not find out which surgical mesh product will be used until the date of the surgery.

This is because doctors and hospitals are allowed to rely on a medical device product approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Hernia mesh lawsuits in Arizona do not blame the doctor or hospital for a failure of the surgical mesh.  The claims for financial compensation are only made against the manufacturing companies, which knew or should have known that their product was not safe for its intended purpose.

Let our Arizona Hernia Mesh Lawyers obtain your medical records free.

Upon completion of our client intake process, we send clients HIPPA authorizations for the release of hernia repair medical records.  We obtain the surgery charts at no out of pocket cost to the client.  Our experienced medical attorneys will review the records to determine all needed information for a hernia mesh lawsuit to be filed in the Arizona courts.

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