Corrective surgery for a hernia mesh implant?

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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorneys

Our team of highly experienced hernia mesh lawyers have represented thousands of victims of defective surgical mesh.  We can obtain your hernia operation records to determine the manufacturer, brand and model of the mesh used in your surgery.  Upon confirmation of this information and a diagnosis of your hernia mesh complications, a claim for monetary compensation may be filed in court.

Legal fees are only charged in the event of a recovery for our client.

Bckground Information

Over the past decade, thousands of Americans have undergone hernia repair surgery.

These surgeries are generally performed in one of two ways:

● Laproscopic (minimally invasive surgery)

● Open surgery

Patients receiving laproscopic hernia repair likely had a surgical mesh implanted under the skin.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

Within a few years of receiving the hernia mesh implant, many of these patients experience a variety of symptoms indicating complications with the surgical mesh.

Symptoms of Defective Mesh

● Severe Pain

● Swollen Stomach

● Constipation

● Organ Laceration

● Organ Puncture

● Infertility

Return of Hernia

● Corrective Surgery

A large number of hernia mesh lawsuits now pending in the courts allege negligent design or manufacturing of surgical mesh resulted in substantial bodily injury to the patient.

Common Hernia Mesh Types

Atrium C-Qur

Ethicon Physiomesh

Bard Davol Mesh

Kugel Mesh Patch

● Covidien Parietex

Covidien / Tyco Surgipro

Defective hernia mesh lawsuits do not allege any wrongdoing by the doctor or hospital performing the surgery.  The claims are only against the manufacturers of the medical device.

If you received a hernia mesh implant and are suffering negative consequences, you may qualify for a legal claim for financial compensation.

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